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Sunday, 27 October 2013

चमकम् CHAMAKAM तृतीयोऽनुवाकः ANUVAKAM 3

शं- comfort in this world, मयः- comfort in the next world, प्रियं- object of love, अनुकामः- object much loved.

Compared to ‘Priyam’, ‘Anukama:’ should be taken to indicate greater love. Both refer to love in this world only.

कामः- pleasure in the next world, Swarga etc., सौमनसः- relatives who provide peace of mind, भद्रं- auspicious, beautiful object of this world, श्रेयः- that which leads to good in next world, वस्यः- house for living etc., यशः- fame, भगः- good luck, द्रविणं- wealth, यन्ता- Acharya etc. who give instructions, धर्ता- father etc. who protect, क्षेमः- power to preserve existing wealth, धृतिः- not getting shaken even during time of danger, विश्वं- being favourable to all, महः- adoration (done by us to superiors, or, done by many to us), संवित्- knowledge of Vedas and Sastras, ज्ञात्रं- capacity to remind at right time, सूः- capacity to engage sons etc. in activities, प्रसूः- capacity to order servants, सीरं- possession of plough, bull etc. required for farming, लयः- undoing of damages to them, ऋतं- karmas like yagna, अमृतं- their fruit, अयक्ष्मं- freedom from incurable serious disease, अनामयं- freedom from ordinary diseases like fever etc., जीवातुः- cause of life (here medicine to cure disease), दीर्घायुत्वं- long life (freedom from untimely death), अनमित्रं- freedom from enemy, अभयं- freedom from fear, सुर्गं- conduct acceptable to all, शयनं- good bed, सूषा- auspicious dawn with bath, Sandhyavandanam etc., सुदिनं- auspicious day with yagna, danam, Vedic study etc.

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