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Sunday, 20 October 2013

चमकम् CHAMAKAM द्वितीयोऽनुवाकः ANUVAKAM 2

ज्यैष्ट्यं- excellence in everything, आधिपत्यं- lordship, मन्युः- mental anger, भामः- anger expressing in external signs,

As anger is also required on certain occasions, it is prayed that capacity for anger on right occasions be provided.

अमः- nature that cannot be deciphered by enemies, अम्भः- cool, sweet water, जेमा- capacity to win, महिमा- possessing wealth etc. obtained through success, वरिमा- being honoured, प्रथिमा- growth in properties like house, land etc., वर्ष्मा- excellent bodies of son, grandson etc., द्राघुया- growth of lineage of son, grandson etc., वृद्धं- abundant wealth and food, वृद्धिः- honour through learning etc., सत्यं- speaking truth, श्रद्धा- faith in existence of after-worlds, जगत्- movable cattle etc., धनं- other wealth, वशः- bringing all under our control, त्विषिः- shine of body, क्रीडा- play, मोदः- delight on account of it, जातं- children born, जनिष्यमाणं- children yet to be born, सूक्तं- group of Riks, सुकृतं- merit of chanting those Riks, वित्तं- wealth earned, वेद्यं- wealth to be earned, भूतं- land etc. already with me, भविष्यत्- land etc. to be got in future, सुगं- places to be certainly visited- village full of relatives etc. सुपथं- good path free from thieves etc., ऋद्धं- fruit of karmas performed so far, or, wealth accumulated, ऋद्धिः- fruit of yaga called Satra, to be performed in future, क्लृप्तं- materials required for karmas, क्लृप्तिः- own capability, मतिः- determination of ordinary matters, सुमतिः- determination of very intricate royal matters.

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