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Sunday, 17 November 2013

चमकम् CHAMAKAM पंचमोऽनुवाकः ANUVAKAM 5

अश्माः- Stone, मृत्तिकाः- soil, गिरयः- mountains worthy of worship, Kulachalas, पर्वताः- ordinary mountains, सिकताः- sand, वनस्पतयः- trees growing vegetables/ fruits without flower, हिरण्यं- gold, अमः- iron, सीसं- lead, त्रपुः- tin, श्यामं- rock salt, लोहं- bronze, copper etc., अग्निः- fire, आपः- water, वीरुधः- plants, ओषधयः- herbs, कृष्टपच्यं- grown by planting and farming, अकृष्टपच्यं- grown on their own without farming, ग्राम्याः पशवः- animals growing in villages, आरण्याश्च- animals growing in forests, यज्ञेन- through the yagna I perform, कल्पन्ताम्- may become capable of doing their acts. वित्तं- Wealth earned, वित्तिः- profit yet to be obtained, भूतं- wealthy son etc., भूतिः- wealth etc. owned by me, वसु- cow etc. required for living, वसतिः- house for living etc., कर्म- karmas like Agnihotram etc., शक्तिः- capacity to perform them, अर्थः- benefit from them, एमः- pleasure to be attained, इतिः- means of attaining it, गतिः- attaining desired object.

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