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Thursday, 5 December 2013

"Obviously he had some mathematical formula!"

Once a team of 5-6 scientists from U.S, probably some New York University, visited the temple, and did a lot of research on the shadow of the Vimana, which does not fall on the ground, at any time of the day, in any season. They arrived at the conclusion that it is not based on any mathematical formula, and is a coincidental accident, which cannot be replicated at all, unless such a coincidence occurs again.

This report was published in 'The Hindu' newspaper. After four days, mathematicians from Madras University visited Mahaperiyava. 

He had the newspaper brought and questioned the mathematicians - 

"What they are saying, maybe it is right?"

They replied - "It seems so, because we don't know otherwise..."

He - "So that is what you say? , and left it at that."

A few of months went by. 

The mathematician was asked to visit Mahaperiyava, Who was now camping at a village, Vellam, in Chengalpet district, near Madras. 

Beyond the village, there is a forest, hills, rocks, ruins.... Mahaperiyava would get up everyday and go to the temple ruins there. There's a huge rock slab in front of the temple, around 6' by 10'. There is also a pond there. He would pick a neem twig from a tree and sit on the rock and brush his teeth. 

When the professor arrived, He had the rock slab overturned, washed well. There were inscriptions on this rock.

It said - 'Thanjai Periakovil Munnodi!' (Thanjavur Big Temple precursor or model)

He says - "There is charitram that the person who built the Thanjai kovil belonged to this area Mahabalipuram, Chengalpet. Why shouldn't it be that his ancestry could be this village?"

"When it says Thanjavur Big Temple model, then it means that the architect tried it here on a smaller scale, and based on this model, he has built it there, isn't it. Then it also means that, without a mathematical formula he could not have replicated it."

"So, it is not accidental. Obviously he had some mathematical formula, based on which he built it here and then at Thanjavur. Here he built with a height of couple of feet, and a 4 ft. gopuram."

Mahaperiyava had it all dug out and washed and shown to them.

Here also, the shadow does not fall on the ground. Then He says, - 

"Now you too find the formula, and write to them also, informing them that it is not an accident. Maybe the architect did not inform anybody about the formula. Or may be we might find another 'Kalvettu' (stone inscription) later with it."

Then the professor says, "Since Periyava knows, He himself could maybe inform them".

To that, He says, " Is that my job? Am I here to do all this? It is all your job. That is why you are all there. How can I interfere in your job"?

So saying, He sent them on.

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