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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The making of Parad Shivling and its benefits

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In modern times purified mercury Shivling can be considered as good as a miracle, best form of sadhana, and a wonderful path to obtain success. It is stated and believed in various texts that if a mercury Shivling is placed and worshiped in a house, society, or a temple, it leads to prosperity, positive strength, and also considered that goddess Lakshmi resides at that place for generations. Also a person is relieved of physical, spiritual, psychological disorders.

Importance of Parad Shivling

Parad Shivling when worshiped with proper procedure, belief, and enthusiasm helps human beings physically, spiritually, and psychologically. It also protects people from natural calamities, disaster, external evil effects. Some of the reference in the ancient texts of ayurveda and mythological origins which justifies these belief are as follows.

Mercury Shivling can be obtained only through the blessings of renowned yogi, guru, good fortune, because of which a person is able to perform noble deeds and thereby attains moksha.

Rasmartand Granth explains...

The holiness, auspiciousness acquired by the sight and worship of purified Parad Shivling is crore times more then that of lakh of other Shivling. As just the sight of Parad Shivling neutralises an individual from dreadful sins like Brahmahatya, Cow's laughter and on touching Parad Shivling a person is completely relieved of all these sins as quoted by Lord Shiva himself.

According to Ras Ratna Samuuchayy, it is consideresd that Shivling made of pure mercury is unique which leads to longetivity of life, prosperity, also washes away the sins from ones life.

Holy blessing which is obtain by performing 100 Ashwamedha Yagya, donating Lakhs of cows, donating ample of gold, and taking holy bath in all the four pilgrimage places (Char Dham) is equal to the sight (Darshan) of holy Parad Shivling.

People who worship Parad Shivling with all the good virtues, attain the blessings of Shivling present in all the 3 Loka's and also destroys all bad sins. Possession of Mercury Shivling, its touch, donation, meditation, worship washes away all the bad sins of present life and past life also.

Writings of Sant Gyandev...

Mercury Shivling is considered the best to attain success and progress in today's world. One can buy everything with money but purified Mercury Shivling (Yantrasiddha and Pranpratishtha Yukta) is possessed by only few lucky people. All Mahatmas, Sadhus of the world have stated that people who have worshiped pure Parad Shivling or even have got an opportunity to touch it are the luckiest as they get Bhautik (Spiritual) happiness along with Jeevan Mukti (Salvation). That is the reason why wealthy people, Sadhu Sanyasi (Saints), Politicians, Film Personalities, Brahmins try to obtain pure Mercury Shivling.

Writings from Rudra Samhita and Shastra...

It states that Ravan was a Rassiddha Yogi, and hence he used to worship Parad Shivling through which he was able to make Lord Shiva happy, and through which he was able to make his kingdom of gold. Similarly Banasur (Rakshas) also worshipped Parad Shivling and attained his desired wishes.

Yoga Shikoupanishad Granth states...

It states that Parad Shivling is Maha-Linga, also it is home to Lord Shiva's divine powers hence called "Shivalaya". It's attainment leads to prosperity and success.

Sarva Darshan Sangraha states...

It states that Lord Siva had told goddess Parvati that if a person worships Parad Shivling, fear and death cannot come closer and poverty never resides at his place.

Brahmapuran states...

It states that people of all the 4 categories according to Hindu Religion (Namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudras) and even females can worship and attain blessings of Parad Shivling.

Brahma Vaivarta puran states...

It states that till the time there is existence of moon and the sun in the universe, till that time a person who worships Parad Shivling gets all its benefits in the form of wealth, prosperity, success, honour, respect,offsprings, intelligence which leads to the completion of satisfactory lifespan and attain moksha.

Shiv Puran states...

It states that people who slaughter cow, malign others, veerghati, who influence abortion, who trouble their parents, the sins of such people can also be washed away by only the sight of Parad Shivling.

Vayuviya Puran states...

It states that healthy body, longeitivity of life, prosperity and all other wishes of a person can be fulfilled by worshiping Parad Shivling.

Sharangdhar Samhita Adhyay 12 Sutra 1

It states about the importance and usefullness of pure Parad Shivling, in a form where spiritual powers like (Anima, Mahima, Garima, Ladhima, Prapti, Prakanta, Proshatva, Vishitwa), Ashta Siddhis like Simha, Vrushya, Hathi, Kalasha, Pankha, Vaijayanti, Bheri, Deepak) or (Brahmin, Cow, Agni, Gold, Tupa (Ghee), Sun, Water, King), Kubers 9 Wealth (Padma, Mahapadma, Shankha, Makar, Kachap, Mukund, Kunda, Neel, Kharva) all the holiness of the above mentioned Shaktis and Siddhis are present in Parad Shivling itself.

Reference from Rasratna Samucchaya states...

It states that the way an individual feels eternal happiness, satisfaction after worshipping their Lord, an aura of the Lord due to which various disorders are cured, similar kind of an experience is felt by just the sight of Parad Shivling. It further states that such an Amrutmayi (Nectar like), Sudhasiddha (Purified) object should be worshiped. It further explains that worshiping Parad Shivling leads to eternal peace and happiness (i.e. a person is relieved from material things like birth, death, old age, weakness, pain of dreadful bodily diseases). Further it explains that Para (Mercury) is a by product of conception of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, hence in different forms it relieves human beings of their physical, spiritual, psychological disorders.

Reference from Rasarnav Tantra states...

It states that a person who worships Parad Shivling, aquires all the four Purusharthas (4 vital parts of life ), those are Dharma (Noble Deeds), Artha (prosperity), Kama( Sexual Desires), Moksha (Eternal Peace, Salvation).

Further importance of Shivling is explained in a way that happiness, Prosperity (Punya) obtained by just the sight of a purified Parad Shivling is crore times more then worshipping thousands of renowned Shivling.

According to the Shivnirnay Ratnakar states...

It explains that worshipping a Shivling made of gold gives Punya million times more than worshiping Shivling made of stone. Similarly worshiping Shivling made of mani (Gemstones i.e. Manibaddha gives punya million times more then the Shivling made of gold. Further it explains that worshiping Narmadeshwar Banalinga gives million times more punya than worshiping Manibaddha Shivling. At the end it states that worshiping a purified auspicious Parad Shivling gives million times more punya than even the Narmadeshwar Banalinga. Thus it is clear that out of all the Shivling made of different materials and pilgrimage sites, one made of purified Parad (Mercury) is considered above par (excellent).

Mercury (Parad) is also known as quick silver or flowing metal. The glory of Parad Shivling has been stated in the puranas, shastras and tantra text. It is said to be the seed of Lord Shiva.  To contain or bind mercury is very difficult, that too by medicinal herbs only.

In the ancient grantha (book) named Parad Samhita many rare medicinal herbs are mentioned which can help in the process of purifying mercury and removing all the doshas (ill effect) from it to make it stable and solid. Some important herbs like Chitrak, Nakhshinkani, Vyagrapadhi, Shankpushpi, Bhilavaa, Putrajivika,Laajwanti, Neem, Shami, Soamlata, Jatamaasi, Vakratundi, Kanguni, Jalakumbhi, Mahakali, Dantimool, Kumpari, Devdaali, Aawala, Indravan, Bel, Safed palas, Dudhi, Shivlingi, Safed gunj ect. play an important role in the purification process. After this stage mercury (Parad) comes completely in a pure from by undergoing the Ashtasanskar (eight stages of purification) as per the Parad Samhita.

Only such stable and solid form of mercury can withstand at very high temperature when heated. It can also be made to powder by crushing as well as can be turned into liquid form by heating again.  This siddha Parad is then formed to make the unique Murtibaddha or Agnibaddha 'Parad Shivling'.  If it comes in contact with gold or gold plated ornaments it has the power to change the color of gold into white or silver in color. This itself proves the purity and authenticity of our products.

Stages of making Parad Shivling

Stage 1
Ayurvedic medicinal herbs used in the process of purifying mercury (Parad).

Stage 2
Ayurvedic medicinal herbs used in the process to make mercury (Parad) solid.

Stage 3
Process of crushing semisolid mercury in herbal juices to remove further impurities.

Stage 4
Process of heat treatment done on solid mercury (Parad) to make it withstand at high temperatures gradually.

Stage 5
Final process of purification done while heating solid mercury (Parad) with the help of herbal oils.

Stage 6
Purified stage of solid mercury (agnibaddha or murtibaddha Parad) poured in the form of strips (ladi) which is used to make the shivling.

Stage 7
The unique one piece die-casted Parad Shivling made from pure solid mercury.

Significance of Parad Shivling in Tantra

All the metals and sub-metals found in the world send out waves. Mercury is also a metal and sends out its waves likewise. As mercury(Parad) is considered the most unstable among all the metals, similarly a persons mind is also very unstable and wavering.

Both are closely related. If mercury is stabilized by destroying its unsteadiness, its waves will also be stable and steady. This will cause a good effect on a persons mind. If one meditates beside a Parad Shivling, the mind naturally gets concentrated.

Therefore a compact form of mercury (Parad) is of great significance because it is extremely helpful in concentrating the mind. Mercury has a property of liquidity which, in itself involves the difficult process of solidification. It is believed that, to have a Shivling made of mercury (Parad) one must be blessed through good karmic deeds of the previous birth.

Mercury (Parad) is a very pious and sacred metal. Therefore it should not be immersed in any kind of hot or boiling liquid like milk, water etc. By doing so may cause mercury (parad) to become unstable thereby damaging the idols.

Suvarnapuri Rasling

In the world of metals mercury (parad) represents lord shiva and copper represents mata Parvati.  According to the ancient grantha Parad samitha only agnibaddha parad (solid mercury that can withstand in high temperature) is able to convert copper into a yellowish golden metal.  The shivlinga made from this metal is known as the 'Suvarna Rasling'.

Some specific medicinal herbs, roots and leaves have the ability to make mercury solid and withstand at high temperature (agnibaddha).  The Suvaranarupi Rasling is a product of this unique process of mixing agnibaddha Parad into purified copper.

Suvarnaroopi Rasling

According to ancient metallurgy, metals are also meant as representatives of gods. As mercury (Parad) is considered or said to be the seed of Lord Shiva, likewise gold and coper is also the representative of Mata Parvati (Mahadevi).

Making of Suvarna Rasling with Mercury (Parad) and Copper

After undergoing the process of ASHTASANSKAAR (eight stages of purification) as per the 'Parad Samhita', mercury (Parad) is called as 'Siddhaparad or Agnibaddha Parad. Only such Parad has the capacity to withstand a high temperature in the heating process, and only this agnibadhha Parad has the power of converting copper into a yellowish golden metal. Copper is melted in the furnace at a very high temperature about 1050 degrees and at the same time mercury is also melted separately. When both the metals melt down, mercury is slowly poured into the crucible of molten copper. This process of mixing the two metals result in a small explosion with a big crackling sound and thick smoke. The final result of this mixture is the new yellowish golden metal.

This metal is again melted in the furnace at about 1050 degrees and then die-casted to make the Shivlinga. A Shivlinga made from this new metal is known as the ‘Suvarna Rasling’ in Parad Samhita. After the final finishing treatments like grinding, buffing and polishing it is coated with a one gram gold plating which gives the Shivling its golden look.

Stages of making Suvarnarupi Rasling

Stage 1
Pure solid form of mercury (Parad).

Stage 2
Pure form of solid mercury (Parad) and copper balls used in the making suvarnarupi rasling.

Stage 3
Crucible filled with solid mercury and copper balls are kept in the furnace for melting.

Stage 4
Process of pouring hot molten mercury into molten copper to form a new golden metal.

Stage 5
Pouring molten mercury into molten copper results into a small blast with crackling sound and thick smoke.

Stage 6
A new yellowish golden metal formed by the fusion of solid mercury(parad) and copper poured in the form of strips (ladi).

Stage 7
The new yellowish golden metal is kept in a crucible and placed in the furnace for melting.

Stage 8
The new molten metal is poured into the die to take the shape of a Shivling.

Stage 9
The unique die-casted one piece Shivling also known as the suvarnarupi rasling.

Benefits of Parad Shivlinga

It had been explained in the ancient granths (book) like Ras Ratnakar, Ras Chandasu, Parad Samhita, Rasendara Chudamani ect. that by the very touch of such Parad Shivlinga a person gets the benefit of Shiv pooja in all the three lokas (cosmic worlds).

A person who acquires a Parad Shivling in his life and does correct ritualistic pooja and archana, reaps the benefits of worshiping all the Shivlingas present in the three lokas, or doing a hundred Ashwamedha yagyas, or donating ten million cows or donating ten thousand grams of gold etc.

By the worship of Parad Shivling, even the heinous sin of Brahmana-hatya, Gau-hatya, Bal-hatya (dosha due to killing of a brahmin, cow or child in previous births) can be totally washed off.

It is said in the Brahma-puranas that he who worships the Parad Shivling devotedly, whether one is a male, female, brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya or shurdra, gets full worldly pleasures and at last attains supreme destination (moksha) .

Parad has a special significance in Ayurveda too. Wherever the Parad Shivling is established, disease and illness does not stay there. It helps in controlling various diseases like high blood pressure, asthma and heart problems and help to increase ones will power.  There will never be shortage of food, wealth, money or clothing and will bring prosperity to ones house or office.


NOTE: This site does not deal in Parad Shivaling. Those willing to own one may please get it from a genuine siddhasrama.